weddings cars

Weddings cars

If the “yes” day is near or you are organizing an important ceremony and you want to rent a special car, Sartini Car Hire offers you a large fleet of luxury cars.

Come and visit us in Siena and choose from one of our splendid cars the one that best suits your special day. Each car will be driven by one of our drivers, strictly in uniform.

Thanks to our meticulous support and attention to detail, you can better organize your special day: book a preliminary meeting with which to plan all the details together, and choose the car for the wedding.

For your special day, treat yourself to the car of your dreams; and for your guests it is possible to transfer by bus from 7 to 50 seats.

For more information call us on 0577 281074.


Str. di Cerchiaia, 25 53100 SIENA (SI)

+39 0577 281074

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